Wee Beastie Jamie McShane CDX, U-CD "Jamie"
Peggy Madsen
We compete in AKC and UKC obedience-trying for the ellusive UDs. We also swim 4x a week, weather permitting.
San Jose, CA

Abee's Hopin and Dreamin, HC, CGC "Dinah the Wonder Dog" Lindy Mariel Martin
I am interested in all aspects of the Shetland Sheepdog and American Pit Bull Terrier breeds, veterinary medicine, and animals in general.
Minnetonka, MN

From the left:
U-CD Shades of Celtic Frost CGC TT CD HCT-g HT "Sioned"
Keltoi Touch of Celtic Style "Becket"
"Gilby" (Border/Aussie Mix)
Medieval Scottish Autumn "Meadi" (Bearded Collie)
Lisa McCurry
Keltoi Shelties
Conformation, Herding, Obedience, Tracking, Breeding, Super Companion
Beavercreek, Ohio
keltoi@erinet.com or
dydnn1a.sgmldm0.eds.com or

Show Down's Quite Sinful "Joey"
Erika Millen
Joey's working toward his Canine Good Citizen certificate and Therapy-dog certification.
Indianapolis, Indiana

from the left:
Dougal M'Dougal at Hearthdside CGC "Dougal"
Hearthside Arbohn Blue Moon "Sissy" (late beloved)
Hodges Hearthside Elf "Dicken" (Papillon)
Kublai Khan II CD, CGC "Khan"
Beverly Miller
Hearthside Shelties (and Papillon)
I've had Shetland Sheepdogs since 1966. Most have been second-hand or rescue dogs. All are cherished companions. My interests are education and obedience. I am the author of both the Sheltie and Papillon FAQs.
Boise, ID

Brookfield's Stop The Press "Eddy"
Karen Mullen
Brookfield Shelties
Morrisonville, NY.
I have been training and showing Shetland Sheepdogs for approximately five years. I have one Champion to date and should finish two more this year. I have titled dogs in obedience and enjoy participating in both the conformation and obedience rings. Most of my dogs are duel ring dogs.

from the left:
Prince Phillip of Sunnyhill "Phil"
Melissa's Brandy Alexander Am/Can CD "Brandy"
Dusty, The Critic's Choice CD "Dusty"
Lone Oak's Mystical Melissa CD, HC "Lissa"
Sylvia R. Nalepa
Sunnyhill Shelties
I show mostly in obedience but have also shown in conformation and I am planning to start Utility in the near future.
Turtle Creek, PA

Swe & VDH Ch Nightwind Milky Way "Bobby"
Nightwind Shelties
Sonja Perklen
I am the Swedish Sheltie Club Historian/Archivist, having had Shelties since 1983 and bred them since 1988. My interests are also in dog photography, desk-top publishing and writing and I am the editor of our Club's latest Handbook. Want to order the Handbook? E-mail me.
sonja@perklen.pp.se http://hem1.passagen.se/nightwin/barof.htm

CH Saranac Yankee Doodle, CGC, "Grover"
Therese Poirier
Saranac Shelties (North)
I have been a Professor in Pharmacy since l979. I have been involved with Sheltie Conformation Exhibition since l988. Member of ASSA. Anne Foreman of Hartselle, Al, my sister is the originator of Saranac Shelties.
Pittsburgh, PA

BIS and Award of Merit Ch. Darkhaven's Just Plain Jane "JP"
Heather and Shawn Ramey
Darkhaven Shelties
Heather and I have been involved in Shelties for over nine years. We have mostly concentrated on conformation but I am presently trying my hand in Obedience. Our biggest thrill to date is obtaining an Award of Merit at the 1994 2nd CSSA National with CH. Darkhaven's Just Plain Jane.
Upper Sackville, Nova Scotia Canada

HCh. WTCh. Northlight Ceilidh, HTD III-s, HRD III-s. "Cailie"
Linda C. Rorem
Northlight Shelties
My primary area of activity is herding. I have also been involved in obedience (with my first Shelties, Pascha-Glengyle Frost Bi Moonlight, UD, HT, OTD-s) and I am interested in agility although I don't have the time to actually participage just yet! Shelties include Cailie, her blue merle daughter, Shaela (HCh. WTCh. Northlight Shaela, HTD III-s), tricolor son Penner (Northlight Pennant, HX, ATD-s), blue merle grandon Kit (Northlight New Moon, HS, JHD) and bi-black Mara (ShadyBrook Northlight Mara), new member of the family. We live in Pacifica, California, and have sheep 45 min. south in Pecadero.
Pacifica, CA

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