This story is written in two parts (Part 1 by Kristy Pedersen and Part 2 by Sylvia Nalepa).

Part 1

Megan came to me via Vizla and Airdale Rescue, and we are very grateful for the care and friendship that they extended to Megan. Megan is a 14" sable and white, and at the time of her arrival into Sheltie rescue was around 1-1/2 yrs old.
When her first home was burned, she moved in with her owner's son. She was feeling lost, lonely and very confused I am sure. They put her in the backyard and did not spend a lot of time with her. When she started tearing up things and escaping the backyard in order to go visiting the neighbors, they turned her over to a lady who was involved with another breed rescue but loved shelties.
Megan never gave this woman any trouble. At this time she was spayed and placed in an adoptive home. Even though Rescue told the new adoptives that Megan hated to be alone and needed to be supervised they locked her up on their deck. They turned Megan back over to the Viszla/Airdale rescue, claiming she was such a little escape artist and she tore up the wicker deck furniture.
Again she gave no trouble to her foster home. The Viszla/Airdale rescue contacted me at Sheltie rescue and that is how she came to me. At last Megan had furfriends that looked like her. Megan acted like she had always been here. What a neat girl! I could not understand what the problem was. She did not try to get out of the fence, but did try to get into one of my runs to be with a friend. She loved sleeping in her crate and went into it all by herself.
At this time I put a message on the Sheltie-list asking if anyone could give this little girl a good home. Thanks to the other two rescues and several caring people, which includes Sylvia, Megan is now very happy in her new home with the Gates family where she has children and other sheltie furfriends to play with. Now Sylvia can tell you her part of the story.
--Kristy Pedersen Sheltie Rescue of NC

Part 2

I saw the message on the Sheltie List and started to think about how much I would like to rescue Megan but I already have 4 dogs at my house and one at my Mothers. I contacted Kristy and told her about a family that had 2 Shelties (a 12 yr old bought from a friend and a 6 yr old that they had purchased from me). Both of these boys were oversized and the familyís daughter wanted a little Sheltie that she could cuddle and let sleep on her bed.
I called the Gates family and talked to Jacque. I told her all about Megan. She was interested but said that they had wanted to wait a couple more years before getting another dog. I hung up the phone and told my daughter that she had declined but I wasnít giving up hope. About 10 minutes later the phone rang and the voice on the other end said, "Boy did you sucker me in!"
It was Jacque, and she said that when she told her husband Bill and their daughter Michaeline, they both smiled. Bill got up and asked when they could leave for the airport. I sent a message to Kristy, she emailed me a copy of the adoption application and we got it filled out and faxed back to them within 2 days and the rest is history.
The vote for the Gates' to adopt Megan was unanimous. After Megan had seen a vet & got her health certificates, she was on a plane to Pittsburgh. I went to see her as soon as they got home from the airport and she had already made herself at home, chasing the boys and having a wonderful time.
She is happy, well-taken care of and couldn't have found a better family. When I go to see her all I hear is, "isn't she beautiful and isn't she the sweetest dog you have ever seen?". I want to thank the North Carolina Sheltie Rescue for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this very successful rescue.
--Sylvia Nalepa - Sunnyhill Shetland Sheepdogs

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