Organizations Which Promote Herding Events

The United States Border Collie Handlers' Associations, Inc.

This group sanctions many of the trials held under the guidelines of the International Sheep Dog Society-what is typically thought of as the Border Collie course. Classes usually offered are Novice, Pro-Novice or Ranch, Open Ranch, and Open; there is also a Nursery division. A rule book may be obtained free of charge by writing the USBCHA and requesting their "Rule Book." The address is Rt. 14A, Crawford, TX 76638.

For more information about Border Collie events, contact:

American Border Collie Assoc., Patty Rogers, 82 Rogers Rd., Perkinston, MS 39573, (601)928-7551.

North American Sheep Dog Society, Rossine Kirsch, Rt. #3, McLeansboro, IL 62859, (618)757-2239.

United States Border Collie Club, Ethel B. Conrad, Pres., Sunnybrook Farm, Rt.1, Box 23, White Post, VA 22663, (703)837-1064.

The Australian Shepherd Club of America Trials Program

This program offers trial classes with three levels of difficulty and two types of courses. They are performed in an arena. The "A" course requires taking stock from a pen, guiding them through obstacles and repenning. The "B" course starts with a small outrun or gather, then the stock are guided through obstacles and penned in a free-standing pen, followed by a repen. Ducks, sheep and cattle are used. Titles can be earned on all three types of stock. The Working Trial Championship is earned when the highest title in all three types of stock has been achieved. There is also a Ranch Trial course. ASCA trials are open to all approved herding breeds.

A rule book may be obtained free of charge by writing ASCA and requesting their "Stockdog Rules." For more information, contact:

ASCA, 6091 E. Hwy. 21, Byran, TX 77803-9652, (409)778-1082.

ASCA is a registry for the Australian Shepherd. Approved clubs may apply to hold ASCA events.

The American Herding Breed Associations Test/Trial Herding Program

This program offers two types of trial classes, each with three levels, and also includes a test program. The Herding Trial Dog program, with levels HTD I, II and II, takes place on a standard course with outrun, lift, fetch, wear and or/ drive and pen; trials may be held in arenas, although the course is not designed as an arena course and larger fields are preferred. The Herding Ranch Dog program, with levels HRD I, II, and III takes place on farm/ranch courses which vary in detail while including specified requirements. Both HTD and HRD titles require two qualifying scores under two different judges. Progression of difficulty in the trial classes echos the progression in the training of a versatile herding dog. Titles may be earned on sheep, ducks, or cattle. A herding trial championship is earned by obtaining additional qualifying scores after the HTD of HRD III title is earned.

Test levels include the Herding Capability Test and the Junior Herding Dog Test, both of which are run on a pass/fail basis and require two passing runs under different judges.

These events are open to all AHBA herding breeds. Rule books may be obtained free of charge by writing the AHBA and requesting their "Herding Test Program" and "Herding Trials Program" rules. Contact:

AHBA, 3767 W 136 St., Cleveland OH 44111.

The AHBA is open to all herding enthusiasts. Clubs or individuals may apply to hold tests/trials sanctioned by the AHBA. The AHBA issues a quarterly newsletters for its members.

The American Kennel Club Test/Trial Program

This programs offers both test, pre-trial and trial classes. There are three different types of trial courses. The "A" course takes place in an arena and requires working livestock through obstacles and into a pen. The "B" course is a modified Border Collie course requiring an outrun, lift, fetch, wear/drive, pen and, in the advanced classs, a shed. The "C" course is meant to reflect herding as done in Europe with large flocks in unfenced areas. Ducks, sheep or cattle may be used on certain of the courses.

Titles are earned with two passing runs at the test and pre-trial levels. Three qualifying scores under different judges must be earned for the three tiral classes-Started, Intermediate and Advanced (Excellent). A herding trial championship also can be earned after completing the Herding Excellent (HX) title. All AKC Herding Group breeds, plus Samoyeds and Rottweilers, are eligible. A rule book may be obtained free of charge by writing the AKC and requesting the "General Regulations for Herding Tests and Trials." Contact:

AKC Events, 51 Madson Ave, New York, NY 10010.

Rules will soon be available at the AKC web site. The URL is:

The AKC is a registry. AKC apporved clubs can apply to hold sanctioned or licenses tests/trials.

The Herdsman is the AKC herding Program informational newsletter and is issued bi-monthly by subscription.

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